Flexible Substrate




  • Layer of electrically isolating alumina (Al2O3) formed on an aluminium base
  • Ultra-thin layer of adhesive to attach a copper foil circuit trace
  • Composite thermal conductivity: 120 W/m 
  • Operating temperature: 130 °C 


  • UV LEDs
  • Chip Scale Packaged (CSP) modules
  • Chip-on-Board LED (COB LED) modules
  • High density LED modules
  • Automotive Lighting modules
  • Horticultural lighting
  • Power semiconductors
Item Value Unit Condition Method
Thermal Ceramic thermal conductivity 7.3 W / mK ASTM E1461
Composite thermal conductivity * 120 W / mK Calculated
Thermal resistance 0.21 °C.cm 2 / W MET-5.4-01-40000
Glass transition point n/a Compliant at room temperature
Maximum operating temperature 130 UL746
Electrical Volume resistivity 4 GΩ-m ASTM D257
Capacitance 430 pF / cm2 IPC-TM-650 2.5.2
Withstand voltage 1,500 (2120) Vac (Vdc) ASTM D149
Mechanical Peel strength 0.9 N / mm IPC-TM-650 2.4.8
Agency Rating & Durability Flammability V-0 UL94
Comparative traking index (CTI) 1 UL746
Multiple solder limits

200 / 180

260 / 20

280 / 20

℃ / sec UL746
Ref. Property / Material Parameter
Aluminium alloy Alloy
1XXX series e.g. 1050
Component dimension Length
300 mm
300 um
Thickness 50 - 300 um
Masked areas Uncoated
Requires jig with water-tight mechanical seals
Surface sealing (optional) Epoxy, polyimide
Enhances electric insulation and decouples properties from influence of ambient humidity
1 Sidedness
Circuit layout Single-sided & dual-side
2 Electrical Withstand
25-100 VDC (depends on base alloy and dielectric thikness)
3 Copper tracking Thickness 35um (10z)
Track width
150 um
Gap (space) between tracks
150 um
Annular ring diameter
300 um
Finish Organic solderability preservativeOSP,ENIG (typ. 3 um Ni, 0.1 um Au)Immersion silver IAG (typ. 0.15 um)
Cut back from punched 500 um
4 Solder mask Type EMP110
Colour White, green
Thickness 10-20 um
Line width

100 um

Relief to copper 150 um
Solder mask overlap on copper pad (optional) 250 um
Cut back from punched edge 500 um
Character height / line width in solder mask 500/200 um
5 Ident / legend / silkscreen Colour Black, yellow, white
Width 150 um
Gap 150 um
Character height 1.5 mm
Cut back from pad or, edge 500 um
Ident on pad Not permitted
6 Marking Makers Yes
Date / lot To panel level
7 Singulation
Tool choice
Scissors, guillotine, knife
8 Inspection Visual IPC-A-600H Class3
Electrical Open / short, withstand
Mechanical precision ISO 2768 coarse
9 Drawings File format Gerber**of circuit and customer unit where panel perimeter contains features defined by the customer.

** Gerber drawings are required to manufacture. They should be inside a .rar or.zip archive with standard file extensions:

Top copper
pcbname.GTS Top solder mask
pcbname.GT0 Top silkscreen / ident
pcbname.GBL Bottom copper
pcbname.GBS Bottom solder mask
pcbname.GBO Bottom silkscreen / ident
pcbname.TXT Hole and slot location and dimensions
pcbname.GML / GKO Board outline

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From Inquiry to Delivery 

1 Inquiry (we can design or assist in you PCB based on an electrical schematics)
Please provide as much information as possible about your product and requirements
  • Drawing(s) or description of required shape (gerber data, fabrication notes, array drawings and any special notes with requirements)
  • Operating Conditions / Application (Please provide as much information as possible)
  • Quantity
  • Delivery Request
  • Other requests or issues
2 Proposal / Quotation 
We will provide you with our proposal for a product that meets your requirements
Quote feedback: max 2 working days
3 Purchase Order
Production will begin according to the agreed-upon specifications and terms
4 Production
Sample lead time: 1 week, quick turn in 24h possible in EU plant
Producttion lead time: most orders can be delivered in 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity and volume
5 Delivery