Cambridge Nanotherm manufactures one of the most thermally efficient ceramic dielectric layers on the surface of aluminum.

This layer can be as little as 10µm, thinner than conventional dielectrics. The thin dielectric layer with its high thermal conductivity combined with a small interface resistance, yields Metal Clad PCB with the lowest thermal resistance.



Thermal Conductivity 152 W/mK

  • High density arrays
  • Increase power density
  • Stable dielectric properties under different climatic influences
  • Lower operating temperature 
  • Extend the life of LED dies 
  • Reduce the number of interconnects
  • Combine power and control
  • Reduce printed circuit board size

No Fragile Ceramic

  • Mechanically durable
  • High thermal durability
  • Formable into 3D shapes
  • More mounting options
  • Mechanical vibration tests for assemblies
  • Can not delaminate
  • Combine power and control
  • Reduce printed circuit board size

Any Size and Shape

  • Customized production of any complexity and shape
  • 3D designs possible including cavity inclinations
  • Production in usable panel dimentions up to 437x285 mm
  • High reflection value

Simplified System Design

  • Improve reliability and durability
  • Better use of surface mount technology
  • Reduce heat sinks and other mounting hardware including thermal interface material
  • Excellent Adhesion