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The Nanoceramic layer is made up of tiny alumina crystals. These Nanothermic grains are atomically bonded to the surface of the aluminium. Grains are packed very densely across the surface forming a uniform electrical insulator with high thermal conductivity.

Nanoceramic materials retain their natural flexibility and high resistance to temperature cycling. Nanoceramic dialelectrics are fully inorganic. 

Composition: Nano-crystalline aluminium oxide (alumina, Al2O3)
Crystalline grain size: 20-40nm
Thermal conductivity: 6-7.2 W/mK
Rth = 0.02 °C.cm2/W
Layer thickness: 3-30 µm
Temperature resistance: > 250 °C (limited by melting point of aluminium)


Our manufacturing facility is located in Haverhill and features state-of-the-art process capabilities including Nanotherm’s patented electro-chemical oxidation (ECO) process that alters the nano-crystalline structure of aluminium.

The process is environmentally friendly with extreme electrical and thermal conditions applied to the aluminium in order to perform the conversion of Aluminium to Alumina oxide.


Metal Clad PCB (LC) uses standard PCB techniques. Our approved supplier programme ensures that all PCBs are fabricated to the highest quality standards. We have suppliers located across Europe and Asia.

Thin-Film Substrate (DM) utilises the same circuitisation processes as electronics grade ceramics such as Al2O3 and AlN. Nanotherm is partnered with the world's leading thin film fabricators, who form the circuit directly on the alumina surface

Aluminium & Size

Nanotherm’s ECO process can be used with most grades of aluminium including alloys, copper-aluminium and metal matrix composites and thicknesses of aluminium down to foils.

Our scaleable process allows us to produce industry standard material sizes, from the large sheets used in metal clad PCBs to  the smaller panels used by the semiconductor packaging market. 

The unique properties of the Nanotherm ECO process means that it is also possible to convert the surface of 3D shapes or thin aluminium foil to form flexible substrate.